New Phasmophobia Ghost: Goryo Guide and Tips

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New Phasmophobia Ghost - Goryo Guide and Tips

After the Yokai and the Hantu, it didn’t take very long for Phasmophobia to release new ghosts. One of the new ghosts is called the Goryo.

The Goryo in Phasmophobia is creepy only because the first two pieces of evidence needed to find it are similar to what a Revenant needed before the update.

What Evidence Is Needed To Find A Goryo?

Phasmophobia how to find Ghost Goryo

To find a Goryo in Phasmophobia, you will need:

  • EMF 5
  • Fingerprints
  • D.O.T.S Projector

What Are The Strengths Of A Goryo?

Phasmophobia Goryo has a specific strength

The Goryo in Phasmophobia has a specific strength: It will normally show itself on camera if no one is nearby. One of the tips for dealing with a Goryo is to set up cameras around the room and leave to monitor it.

Does The Goryo Have Any Weaknesses?

Phasmophobia Goryo has a weakness

Like other ghosts in Phasmophobia, the Goryo does have a weakness. The specific weakness of the Goryo is that they are rarely seen far from their place of death. We’re assuming this means that, unlike other ghosts, it might not wander far from its room. We’ll have to wait and see if there’s any clarification about the Goryo’s weakness.

How Can You See A Goryo?

Phasmophobia Ghost Goryo on DOTS projector

The only way to see a Goryo is via the D.O.T.S Projector. You will see a white silhouette pass in front of the D.O.T.S Projector if you’re dead or if you’re watching a video camera.

Have you encountered a Goryo in Phasmophobia?

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