Is FFXIV Aglaia Worth Doing?

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FFXIV Aglaia
FFXIV Aglaia

Aglaia is the newest 24-man raid in Final Fantasy XIV. This new raid requires completion of the Endwalker expansion and provides item level 590 Panthean gear for players looking for an alternative to other gear sets, such as crafted or astronomy gear. While there are plenty of options now for 590 gear, is it worth doing the Aglaia raid in FFXIV?

The Aglaia Gear Looks Decent

FFXIV Aglaia Raid
FFXIV Aglaia Raid

The gold-plated Aglaia gear looks great. The 590 Panthean gear from Aglaia is comparable to the upgraded crafted gear and, in our opinion, looks great as a complete set. The Aglaia Panthean gear set for aiming classes, such as Bard and Machinist, looks especially cool.

Getting The Weekly Aglaia Coin

While orchestrion rolls are nice at the end, the most valuable reason for doing Aglaia is getting the coin at the end. What is the Aglaia coin?

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