How To Get The Tofu Achievement In Omori

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How To Get The Tofu Achievement In Omori

There is a tofu-related achievement in Omori called, “Mmm… SWEETHEART, I mean, TOFU,” and to no one’s surprise, it includes the not-so-delicious-snack: Tofu.

Omori Tofu Achievement - I am also a lover of TOFU and SWEETHEART

If you’re not familiar with Tofu in Omori, it’s a snack item you can obtain from shops for a small heart bonus. At some point in Omori, you’re going to obtain items worth using a turn for when healing your party’s hearts. That means you might find yourself with stacks of tofu.

Tofu is a staple of the game, and one you’ll encounter a lot in your conversations with Sprout Moles according to our Omori walkthrough. You can purchase tofu from the mailbox shop, but it’s not worth wasting your hard-earned clams on them (Unless you have enough to buy 99 from Tofu Jash in the Sprout Mole Village)

Once you obtain 99 pieces of tofu and hold them all in your inventory, you will receive the achievement: Mmm… SWEETHEART, I mean, TOFU.

Omori Tofu Achievement - Give Carol The Illustrious A Tofu

Once you receive the tofu achievement in Omori, you can use them to heal your party (though, they might not be worth wasting a turn over) or you can use them throughout various quests. Check out our Omori Walkthrough Guides for more info.

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