How To Get The Squizzard Achievement In Omori

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How To Get The Squizzard Achievement In Omori

Do you remember the Squizzards from our Walkthrough of Omori? Did you know that there is an achievement attached to them?

Omori - Underwater Highway in Seacow Farms

Yes, the Squizzards in Omori might be an annoying creature found in a very specific area of the Underwater Highway in Seacow Farms but, for achievement hunters, it’s an annoyance you’ll want to endure if you want to earn the Squizzard Exterminator Achievement.

How Do You Get The Squizzard Exterminator Achievement In Omori?

Omori - Squizzards

If you want a guide on how to quickly eliminate the Squizzards on Seacow Farm, check out our Omori Walkthrough where we explore the Underwater Highway.

Farmer Jim offers Omori and friends a quest to defeat the Squizzards on his farm so he can get back to business. He will give you 500 clams for every Squizzard, and you can repeat it if you want more clams. You don’t need to clear the entire farm of Squizzards, but if you want the Squizzard Exterminator achievement, then you’ll want to take them all out. Unfortunately, there’s only a handful of Squizzards on the farm. Once you defeat them, you’ll have to run back into the barn where Farmer Jim is, then run back out so they can respawn. You need to kill 100 Squizzards to get the Squizzard Exterminator achievement. Refer back to our guide on to find out how to kill them quickly so you can make short work of this achievement.

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