How To Get The R.I.P Achievement In Omori

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How To Get The R.I.P Achievement In Omori

The R.I.P achievement in Omori is one less than 20% of players get because, unlike me, they don’t click everything in the game. If you’ve followed our GameDom guides, you’ll know I’m someone that has to make sure I click everything before I continue. The R.I.P Achievement in Omori is found in the Dev Room.

Where Is The Dev Room In Omori?

Omori Dev Room

The Dev Room is in an area called the TOWN AREA. It’s also referred to as the Neighborhood. This Dev Room has tombstones in it, similar to the graveyard in Faraway Town. You enter the Dev Room (also known as the Developer Room) by interacting on the tombstone in the TOWN AREA.

Omori Inside The Developer Room

Once you’re inside the Developer Room, it’s lined with tombstones with the names of the different developers who worked on the project. Interacting with all of the tombstones will earn you the R.I.P achievement in Omori. If you want to get back to the TOWN AREA from the Developer Room you can simply walk off in any direction and you’ll leave the developer room.

Since we have a habit of clicking everything in Omori, we were able to find this simply by clicking everything, so make sure you explore everything you can explore when playing Omori. Do you have the R.I.P achievement in Omori?

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