How To Get The Omori Too Slow Achievement

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How To Get The Omori Too Slow Achievement

Omori is already filled with disturbing imagery and an even more disturbing story played out in a cute Earthbound-style aesthetic. However, the Too Slow achievement is something anyone with a conscience shouldn’t strive to achieve unless they’re a completionist.

What Is The Too Slow Achievement In Omori?

What Is The Too Slow Achievement In Omori

When Sunny wakes up in the real world he will go through a series of events that leads him to meeting Kel outside of the dream world. There are certain points while exploring Faraway Town where he will ask if you want to High-Five. If you High-Five Kel, you will get the achievement “Up High…”

If you High-Five Kel three times, you will get the achievement “Down Low…”

You can find a walkthrough on high-fiving Kel in our Omori Sunny guide here.

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However, the Too Slow Achievement in Omori is obtained by not high-fiving Kel. We know that sounds horrible to do, but the game is already dark and disturbing, so stiffing Kel on a high-five isn’t the worst thing you can possible do in a game with suicide triggers.

Omori Walkthrough Guide - Do you want to high five KEL

Unfortunately, getting the High-Five achievement means you’ll have to do it on a playthrough where you haven’t gotten the “Up High…” or “Down Low…” achievement because that contradicts each other. That means, you’ll have to do a completely different playthrough just to get the Too Slow achievement in Omori.

Do you have the Too Slow Achievement in Omori?

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