How To Get The Good Dog Achievement In Omori

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How To Get The Good Dog Achievement In Omori

The Humphrey arc might be long and annoying for some, but there’s plenty to do for a couple of hours while you’re exploring the inside of a literal whale. After locating Humphrey at the end of the Deep Well, you’ll need to explore the different Slime Girls’ sectors. There is Molly, Marisa, and Medusa. They all have their own specialties, but if you want to get the Good Dog? achievement, you’ll need to explore Marina’s sector.

Getting The Good Dog? Achievement In Omori

Omori PARSNIP - I am Marinas Eight Experiment Good Dog

There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why there’s a question mark in the achievement. Once you enter Marina’s sector of Humphrey, you’ll start to see her experiments. These experiments will speak to you and let you know that they are Marina’s experiment.

If you want the achievement, you shouldn’t poke them. Just let them be. One of them will disappear before you can speak to them, and you will miss out on the achievement. Once you speak to the eighth experiment, you will receive the Good Dog? Achievement in Omori.

Now, our theory as to why there’s a question mark is that none of these experiments are even dogs. What are they? We’ll never know.

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