How To Get The Bluefeather Longbow In FFXIV

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How To Get The Bluefeather Longbow In FFXIV
How To Get The Bluefeather Longbow In FFXIV

The Bluefeather Longbow is an item level 595 weapon in Final Fantasy XIV. We’ll take a look at its stats and what you need to obtain it.

FFXIV Bluefeather Longbow stats
FFXIV Bluefeather Longbow stats

The stats for the Bluefeather Longbow are:

Strength +288

Vitality +300

Critical Hit +184

Determinatio +263

Additionally, you’re able to slot two materia into the Bluefeather Longbow. Unfortunately, players cannot overmeld the weapon. Let’s look at some frequently asked questions about the Bluefeather Longbow.

Who Can Equip The Bluefeather Longbow?

The Bluefeather Longbow is Equippable by Archer or Bard.

How Do You Get The Bluefeather Longbow?

You would need to unlock the Endsinger Extreme in FFXIV. For more information on unlocking The Endsinger Extreme, please refer to our guide here. Our Endsinger Extreme loot guide also shows where you can unlock the Bluefeather Longbow.

It is also possible to obtain the Bluefeather Longbow by opening one of the weapon coffers as an Archer or Bard.

For more information on Bluefeather Weapons from the Endsinger Extreme and other gaming guides, follow GameDom

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