How To Get Clams Easily In Omori?

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How To Get Clams Easily?

If you want some quick clams, then The Last Resort is the place to be. I wouldn’t suggest doing it the way I’m doing it here with Kel and Omori because they could possibly out-level the rest of the party. However, it is a quick and easy way to get a couple thousand clams before moving on through the story. Since Kel has the higher speed, he will attack first.

However, you can still load up Omori’s Hack Away ability so he can potentially deal more critical damage when his Hack Away lands. After Kel’s attack, use his follow-up to have Omori deal damage to the Gator Guy while increasing Omori’s emotion to “Ecstatic.” Once Omori has this emotion, he will hit his Hack Away which (hopefully) kills the Gator Guy before he can get a move in. Run over to the next Gator Guy and repeat. Since Hack Away uses so much of Omori’s juice, run outside to Mari’s blanket to refresh juice instead of using items.

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