FFXIV Endsinger Extreme Guide

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Endsinger Extreme Written Guide FFXIV Phase One
Endsinger Extreme Written Guide FFXIV Phase One

The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria is a new extreme trial in Final Fantasy XIV that joins Hydaelyn and Zodiark Extreme in the Endwalker series of trials. This trial is no laughing matter, and that’s why we’ll do a quick Endsinger Extreme Phase One guide to explain the mechanics.

Unlocking Endsinger Extreme In FFXIV

To unlock Endsinger Extreme, players need to finish the Endwalker expansion in FFXIV. For more information and details on unlocking Endsinger Extreme, check out our FFXIV Endsinger Extreme Loot guide. Now that you have Endsinger Extreme unlocked, let’s look at the mechanics for the trial.

Endsinger Extreme Phase One Mechanics

It helps to have a barrier healer to deal with the raid-wide damage. The first phase of the Endsinger Extreme fight will have a blue and orange star rotate the arena. Players must watch the stars as they rotate. As they’re rotating, keep an eye on the head in the center of the arena as it will cleave.

Here are the mechanics to look out for in the first phase of Endsinger Extreme:

Orange and Blue stars are the main mechanics of the first phase of Endsinger Extreme. For every cast of the Fiery or Azure star, the stars move at different speeds. The orange and blue stars in Endsinger Extreme move at different speeds. When the stars hit during Fiery Star, you want to avoid the orange one, which will cover a big chunk of the arena with a half-circle AOE. Players need to move to the corner while also minding the head’s cleave.

Do the opposite for Azure Star, as the collision will cause a knockback that Surecast and Arm’s Length don’t help. Be mindful of the head’s cleave during the knockback.

The last mechanic to watch out for is Elegaia Unforgotten. A Scholar or Sage shield should mitigate this in the very beginning, but the barrier healer must also time it for Elegeia Unforgotten after the stars collide the first hide.

If the Endsinger Extreme Written Guide: Phase One in FFXIV has helped you, then follow GameDom to move on to Phase 2 of Endsinger Extreme.

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