FFXIV Endsinger Extreme Guide: Phase Two

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Endsinger Extreme Written Guide FFXIV Phase Two
Endsinger Extreme Written Guide FFXIV Phase Two

Now that you’re familiar with Phase One of The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria, then it’s time to progress with your group to Phase Two of the Endsinger Extreme.

Endsinger Extreme Phase Two Mechanics

Towers, who doesn’t love towers in a raid fight? In Endsinger Extreme Phase Two, you have to contend with towers, which means you need to assign positions to your party. When the towers appear, the second phase of the Endsinger Extreme begins. Phase two involves breaking tethers while moving into the positions assigned to each player. Much like phase one, players need to keep an eye on the head during mechanics.

Here are the mechanics to watch out for during Endsinger Extreme Phase Two:

Grip of Despair are the chains that tether a DPS with either a tank or healer. A mechanic called “Katasterismo.” As the meteors are falling, players need to be under them at the tower. Once the tower mechanic settles, then the DPS go East while the Tanks and Healers move in the separate direction. Some parties have Tanks and Healers move to the East. This is why it’s essential to talk about positioning before the trial begins. Once the DPS are separated from the tank or healer, then the tether will break. If even one player messes up the tower mechanic, then the party takes heavy damage with a vuln stack.

Now, you need to watch out for Elenchos. The boss’ face will light up once the tethers resolve. Wherever the face glows is where the Endsinger will damage. It’s important to position players before Katasterismo ends. The eyes glowing indicate the east and west corners of the boss arena will get cleaved. Stand in the middle for the glowing eyes. If the mouth starts glowing, the damage will go down the middle. The safe spots are the East and West sides of the arena.

It takes practice to get through Phase Two of Endsinger Extreme as it did with Phase One. Once you and your party have perfected Phase Two of Endsinger Extreme, it’s time to move on to Phase Three. Follow GameDom for ore Endsinger Extreme Written Guides for FFXIV.

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