Endsinger Extreme Written Guide FFXIV: Phase Four

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Endsinger Extreme Written Guide FFXIV Phase Four
Endsinger Extreme Written Guide FFXIV Phase Four

You have made it to the second to last phase of the Endsinger Extreme in FFXIV. If you can get through this phase, then you can breeze right to the last phase. Phase four of Endsinger Extreme introduces a mixture of mechanics that might leave you confused, but do not worry: We will explain it as best as we can.

The Mechanics for Endsinger Extreme: Phase Four

You will know when phase four when you see Twinsong’s Apporoia. This mechanic has the Endsinger bring five of her heads around the arena. Be mindful of the Endsinger head in the middle during Twinsong’s Apporoia. The middle head will cleave half of the arena. If the middle head cleaves in that direction, that means the heads on that side will not be safe. There will be two heads on the safe side of the arena during Twinsong’s Apporoia. There will be a head that casts an AoE around it. You do not want to be around that head. The safe head during Twinsong’s Apporoia is the one casting a donut AoE.

Keep an eye on the donut AoEs during Aporrhoia Unforgotten. You will see Aporrhoia Unforgotten three times in Phase Four of Endsinger Extreme. Every time The Endsinger casts Aporrhoia Unforgotten, she will move clockwise.

Now, to explain Theological Fatalism in The Endsinger Extreme. The Endsinger will move backward from Aporrhoia Unforgotten. Phase four is where things get messy for some Party Finder groups. Watch the middle head during Theological Fatalism, as it will turn counterclockwise. You also need to watch the rings as she is turning to see what she will do. Three rings mean the head will turn twice before hitting a cleave. Two rings mean she will turn back once before cleaving. One ring is the easiest as she will simply cleave in the direction she is facing.

Now, you also must be mindful of the two safe heads who will also have rings, but it is easier to decide between the two which ones will be safe. You will see Elenchos, Eironeia, and Hubris again. Now, you are ready to move on to Phase Five of Endsinger Extreme. Follow GameDom for more information.

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