Back 4 Blood Walker Character Bio

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Back 4 Blood Walker Game Character

The Back for Blood beta is in full swing, allowing players eager to get involved in this co-op zombie romp to get acquainted with the new hordes of enemies called the Ridden and the world plagued by the devil worm. However, most importantly, players can now choose their ideal playable character to brave these hostile environments with. There will be a total of eight playable cleaners in this game each with their own unique skillsets. So allow us to break down one of these characters and let you know what they are all about. This is our Back 4 Blood character guide for Walker.

Who Is Walker in Back 4 Blood?

Walker is a war veteran that has seen a lot of action and is no stranger to a combat situation. Walker grew up as the oldest of five siblings in a working-class family, so he knows a thing or two about responsibility and being the leader of the pack. He plays this role amongst the other cleaners and while he isn’t the most opinionated or vocal character, when he speaks, he commands a room. He anticipates problems, keeps his teammates in check and will put himself in the line of fire to protect his squad.

Back 4 Blood Walker Game Character Skills

In terms of appearance, Walker wears a red baseball cap which is turned backwards, a blue jumper, an earth tone scarf, gloves, heavy combat boots, dog tags and grey cargo pants. Also, Walker sports a rather impressive beard. Walker’s weapon of choice is a Glock 23 pistol and his character is voiced by the talented William. C. Stephens.

What Special Abilities Does Walker Have?

Walker is a combat specialist. Put him in front of an enemy horde and watch him cut it down to size. The perks you get from this battle ready nature is that precision kills (or headshots) grant you an accuracy bonus. Plus, Walker has a boosted damage output when compared to the other cleaners on the roster. Then Walker also offers a team perk which increases the health stats of all cleaners in his party. Here is a quick rundown of Walker’s perks:

  • Precision kills grant accuracy bonus
  • Higher damage output
  • Increases team vitality

So that is our guide to the Back 4 Blood Cleaner, Walker. What do you make of this character? Have you tried the beta yet! Which character will you be using when you play B4B? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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