Back 4 Blood Ridden TallBoy Guide

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Back 4 Blood Ridden TallBoy Guide

With the release of the spiritual successor to Left For Dead, Back 4 Blood, fast approaching. It means that we as fans should become familiar with the characters, the maps, the narrative and the enemies that this game will treat us to. In this guide we will be honing in on the latter, focusing on a particular brand of Ridden from this title. We will be taking a look at the Tall Boys. A zombie variant with a gargantuan arm which can deal huge damage. Here is our Tall Boy guide below:

What is The Tall Boy In Back 4 Blood?

Back 4 Blood Tallboy

Tall Boys are a huge enemy type that has a hulking arm which they use as a club to beat down on Cleaners, break up tight formations and can also use it to propel them forward and cover huge amounts of ground fast. These enemies are able to take tonnes of damage unless to hit them in their weak spot. This is the bulging abscess on their right shoulder. Simply shoot this to render these creatures unique skills useless.

Back 4 Blood All Riddens Tallboy

In terms of appearance, the tall boy regardless of variant will always have a huge right arm and a bulging weak spot on their shoulder. The normal tall boy has a purple right arm that is the length of their entire body but otherwise looks like a standard enemy. Crushers are very much the same, however their arm is much stringier, allowing them to grab and trap players in their grasp. Then lastly, Bruisers vary from the rest as their large arm is shaped like a much thicker club and has an abundance of sharp shrapnel lodged within. It is also worth noting that all these enemies loosely resemble the Charger from Left 4 Dead. These enemies come in three different varieties, the standard Tall Boy as well as the Bruiser and the Crusher. Here is a brief description of each unique variant:

Bruiser: This variant of the tall boy has the ability to chain together melee smash attacks together to deal huge damage. This is known as a frenzy attack and you would do well to avoid this at all costs.

Crusher: The Crusher has a unique squeeze ability that allows it to grab and immobilise players, slowing crushing them and draining their health. To free a teammate, you must take out the Crusher by hitting it’s weak point.

So that is our enemy guide for the Back 4 Blood Ridden variant, the Tall Boy. What do you make of this enemy? Do you think this will be the toughest of the lot? If not, which one do you think poses the biggest challenge? Let us known in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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