Back 4 Blood Ridden Snitcher Guide

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Back 4 Blood Ridden Snitcher Guide

If you have been looking for a co-op game to gather up your pals for and sink your teeth into, we have good news. Back 4 Blood is the game you have been waiting for and it is currently allowing players to enjoy their open beta, where players can see exactly what this game has to offer. So there is no better time than the present to educate yourself on the enemies that you will face within this new title and get a leg up on the Ridden horde before you even touch a controller. In this guide we look specifically at the Ridden variant, the Snitcher.

Back 4 Blood Ridden Snitcher And Other Riddens

What is a Snitcher In Back 4 Blood?

Snitchers are Ridden variants that should be avoided if possible, or at the very least, taken out fast. You see, these long-necked creatures have quite the set of lungs on them and if you alert them, they will, in turn, alert the horde with a loud shriek. These creatures act as a foghorn that will bring Ridden from far and wide to your location. However, this can be prevented so long as you don’t agro them. They are not necessarily hostile variants of the Ridden. They merely have the potential to be a nuisance when threatened, much like the Witch in Left for Dead.

It is also worth noting that this was an older concept of monster that the development team had for the original Left 4 Dead. These scrapped monsters were called Screamers and were very similar in design. However, it seems that the team has found a way to utilise this idea in Back 4 Blood.

B4B Snitcher

In terms of appearance, these creatures have an extremely elongated and mutated neck which is red, pussy and inflamed. It also has a series of tentacles passing through it’s neck and torso area, with one even passing through the eye socket. Aside from this though, the design isn’t too far removed from the standard Ridden enemy type.

There are no alternate versions of this creature like the Tall Boy, Stinger or the Reeker. This is the one and only Snitcher variant you will encounter. However, if you are smart, you’ll do your best not to. So that is our enemy guide for the Back 4 Blood Ridden variant, the Snitcher. What do you make of this enemy? Do you think this will be the toughest of the lot? If not, which one do you think poses the biggest challenge? Let us known in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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