Back 4 Blood Ridden Sleeper Guide

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Back 4 Blood Ridden Sleeper Guide

Back 4 Blood, being the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, always had its work cut out for it. It would have to offer amazing multiplayer functionality, great characters, insane weapons, a decent story and of course, interesting enemy types. Against all odds though, the game seems to be on course to make this a reality and today, we want to hone in on the enemy types that will make that possible. In particular, we take a look at the Ridden variant, the Sleeper.

What is a Sleeper in Back 4 Blood?

While we don’t have any visual representation of what a Sleeper looks like at this moment in time, we do have a description of this creature. So we urge you to exercise your imagination. A sleeper is a fleshy pod that is often attached to a ceiling or wall. These things may look rather harmless and unassuming at a glance. However, if you happen to walk below one, you soon find out that they are more dangerous than they look.

These fleshy pods will drop on unsuspecting victims and pin them to the floor. This will then begin to slowly wear down your health over time. Meaning that you’ll have to have a teammate on hand to rescue you from their fleshy clutches. Essentially, this creature is like a booby trap that can lead to you being incapacitated and a sitting duck at the mercy of the horde. So take a glance up when you are indoors every so often. It could save your life.

So that is our enemy guide for the Back 4 Blood Ridden variant, the Sleeper. What do you make of this enemy? Do you think this will be the toughest of the lot? If not, which one do you think poses the biggest challenge? Let us known in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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