Back 4 Blood Ridden Boss Giant Guide

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Back 4 Blood Ridden Boss Giant Guide

Back 4 Blood is mere months away from its much anticipated release. Meaning that players who love co-op fun will have another great game to add to their library. Now marks a special time in the development of this game as the open beta is currently live and inviting players to brave it against the Ridden horde. However, before you jump into the action, you might want to study up on these crazy mutants. So with that in mind, we are giving you all the information you could possibly need about a particular Ridden variant from this new title. In this guide, we tell you everything we know about the Giant Ridden.

What is the Giant Ridden in Back 4 Blood?

This is the Ridden variant that we as B4B fans know the least about. This monster was recently revealed in the most recent Back 4 Blood trailer promoting this game before release. This monster is by far the largest we have seen so far. Bigger than the Worm Ridden, the Tall Boys, The Bruisers and even the gargantuan Ogre variant. This monster in terms of appearance looks rather similar to the Ogre in terms of body structure. However, this monster is much larger. We would wager that this monster is about the size of a four story building at the very least.

We only catch a snapshot of this creature within the trailer, first glimpsing into the humongous jaws of the beast, before being exposed to the hulking figure as it bares down on one of the cleaners. However, we can assume that this creature has to be an end of campaign challenge.

In terms of behaviour, we would speculate that the creature will behave similarly to the Ogre. Being a slow but powerful monster that can take out cleaners in one crushing blow. We can’t wait to see what special moves that this creature has and what role it will play in the various B4B campaigns.

So that is our enemy guide for the Back 4 Blood Ridden variant, the Giant ridden. What do you make of this enemy? Do you think this will be the toughest of the lot? If not, which one do you think poses the biggest challenge? Let us known in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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