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Back 4 Blood Jim

If you’ve been waiting around for years just wishing that Left 4 Dead would finally become a trilogy, we have good news. Back 4 Blood is here and it’s the next best thing. The live beta is happening right now and is allowing players the chance to get acquainted with the world, the volatile monsters that lurk within and the playable characters that you will take control of in a bid to push back this horde. However, you may not be aware of the characters within this game. Well, allow us to enlighten you. Here is our Back 4 Blood character bio for the B4B cleaner, Jim.

Who is Jim in Back 4 Blood?

Jim is the local boy who was born and raised in the small town of Finleyville where Back 4 Blood takes place. He’s a typical country boy who went out hunting and trapping with his dad, so he knows the place like the back of his hand. He served his time in the military, becoming quite the marksman, however, when he returned from his service, he came home to a town ravaged by the Ridden infestation. So now he serves as one of the most trusted cleaners in the area, working tirelessly to clean up his hometown and restore his neck of the woods to it’s past glory.

In terms of appearance, Jim is a Caucasian male who sports a thick beard and a handful of battle scars on his face. We wears a grey baseball cap, an orange heavy duty coat, a grey t-shirt, a rustic necklace, army fatigues and a pair of combat boots. Jim’s preferred weapon is a sniper rifle and his character is voiced by André Sogliuzzo.

What Special Abilities Does Jim Have?

Jim is a marksman through and through. Whether he’s shooting deer or shooting zombies, it makes no difference to him, so long as he hits his target. The perks you get from Jim are an added damage bonus for every precision kill you make, he also has a higher ADS speed than the rest of the pack and in terms of his ability to help the team, Jim offers additional damage when anyone hits an enemy weak spot. Overall, Jim is perfect for those that prefer picking off enemies from range and use every bullet wisely.

So that is our guide to the Back 4 Blood Cleaner, Jim. What do you make of this character? Have you tried the beta yet! Which character will you be using when you play B4B? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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