Back 4 Blood Holly Character Bio

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Back 4 Blood Holly Character Bio

Back 4 Blood is effectively the second coming of the Left 4 Dead franchise. With the same developers at the helm this game promises to be a love letter to the zombie thriller of old but with the modern gamer in mind. This game is set to drop in October, so it’s about time that you got to grips with the world, the Ridden and the characters that you will take control of in hope of pushing back the hordes of Ridden. With that in mind, here is a guide that will help you get to know one of the key characters within this new title. This is our guide giving you the inside scoop on the playable character, Holly.

B4B Holly

Who Is Holly in Back 4 Blood?

Holly is a playable female character within B4B who has a score to settle with these Devil Worm mutants. Holly dedicated her life to taking out as many of the Ridden as possible, becoming a cleaner and acting as the strong reliant character that drives the team forward. Her never-say-die attitude is often the reason why her team survive against the odds and why she is an invaluable asset to the squad. Holly is a fun-loving and positive character that really enjoys the fight against the Ridden. You’ll often find her keeping a kill count and bashing skulls long after the mutant is dead.

In terms of appearance, Holly has strawberry blonde hair, just a touch of eye make up, a blue baseball cap which she wears backwards, a yellow t-shirt which is accompanied by a red flannel shirt, a denim mini-skirt which has a pair of khaki, ripped leggings underneath, elbow pads, green socks, running trainers and a backpack adorned with cute buttons. Holly’s weapon of choice is a baseball bat with nails which she calls Dottie and her character is voiced by Danielle Judovits.

B4B Holly Character Profile

What are Holly’s Special Abilities?

Holly is a melee specialist, hence the baseball bat with a nickname. So as you would imagine, her stats play up to this. She receives a stamina bonus for every kill she gets, which allows her to bash with careless abandon. Plus, she also has added damage resistance so she can get up close and personal with the Ridden with less need for caution. Then lastly, she offers a team boost of higher overall stamina, so you can join Holly in bashing Ridden with blunt objects. Here is a rundown of all the abilities below:

  • Gains Stamina for each kill
  • Higher damage resistance
  • Team stamina boost

So that is our guide to the Back 4 Blood Cleaner, Holly. What do you make of this character? Have you tried the beta yet! Which character will you be using when you play B4B? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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