Back 4 Blood Evangelo Character Bio

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Evangelo B4B Bio

Back 4 Blood is just months away from hitting the shelves and after the success of the recent open beta, there is no better time to get acquainted with this title, it’s world, it’s Ridden epidemic and the characters you will control as you aim to clean up this mess and most importantly, survive. In this guide, we take a look at one of the cleaners that you will play within the title you you can decide if this character is the one for you. Here is our guide to the character, Evangelo.

B4B Evangelo

Who Is Evangelo in Back 4 Blood?

Evangelo is the youngest of the entire crew and as a result, the most nervous, anxious and inexperienced of the group. However, what he lacks in experience he makes up for with raw combat skill, loyalty to his teammates and a willingness to lay his life down for the cause. Plus, he also talks a great game too, which keeps morale high if nothing else. Evangelo is an inherently positive character who hates the Ridden with a passion and cares quite a lot about his appearance.

In terms of appearance, Evangelo is a male character with long, pushed back black hair. He wears an earth tone hoodie, green combat trousers, a pair of running trainers, a blue, short sleeved, waterproof coat, a pair of sunglasses and a yellow backpack. His weapon of choice is a machette and his character is voiced by Alan Ayala.

B4B Evangelo Character Profile

What are Evangelo’s Special Abilities?

Evangelo is a character that is independently a great choice but also does his part to aid his team through these hostile environments. He has the ability to break out of grabs and holds which is invaluable, especially if he is the last teammate standing. Plus, he has the ability to naturally regain stamina overtime without the need for items. Then additionally, he also helps the whole squad by offering a group speed bonus to help you breeze through tough sections. Here is a rundown of Evangelo’s abilities below:

  • Natural stamina regeneration
  • Able to break out of grabs and holds
  • Provides team speed boost.

So that is our guide to the Back 4 Blood Cleaner, Evangelo. What do you make of this character? Have you tried the beta yet! Which character will you be using when you play B4B? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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