Back 4 Blood Cards Obtained from The Stilts

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Back 4 Blood All Guns

Blood 4 Blood Card Deck system works with Supply Lines. At the very start each player starts with a only a few basic cards. By playing completing campaign levels you are able to gain Supply Points. With these Supply Point you can unlock cards in The Stilts.

Back 4 Blood The Stilts Deck

Card NameCategoryDescription
Admin ReloadOffenseWhen you stow your weapon, it reloads. -20% Ammo Capacity
Ammo MuleOffense+75% Ammo Capacity, DISABLES: Support Accessories.
Large Caliber RoundsOffense+10% Damage Dealt, +100% Bullet Penetration, -20% Stamina Efficiency
Silver BulletsOffense+15% Damage Dealt, +150% Bullet Penetration, When you kill a Mutation, you lose 5 Copper
Spiky BitsOffense+25% Melee Damage, +10% Damage Resistance while using a Melee weapon, -20% Ammo Capacity
Steady AimOffense+80% Aim Speed, -50% ADS Move Speed
Widemouth MagwellOffense+30% Reload Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Money GrubbersUtilityEach time your team loots Copper, you can gain 5 additional Copper, stacking up to 100 additional Copper
Offensive ScavengerUtilityYou can sense nearby Offensive Accessories. More Offensive Accessories spawn.
B4B Cards Obtained From The Stilts

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