Back 4 Blood Cards Obtained from The Crow’s Nest

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Back 4 Blood All Guns
Card NameTypeAffinityDescription
Cross TrainersMobilityReflex+20% Stamina, +20% Stamina Regen, +3% Move Speed, +5 Health
Evasive ActionMobilityReflexWhen you take a hit for 10 or more damage. Gain 20% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.
Ridden SlayerOffenseReflex+20% Weakspot Damage
Run and GunMobilityFortuneYou can sprint while shooting
Shooting GlovesUtilityReflex+25% Weapon Swap Speed
Superior CardioMobilityReflex+20% Stamina, +20% Sprint Efficiency +5 Health
Confident KillerOffenseBrawnWhen you or your team kills a mutation gain 2% damage (up to 100%) until the end of the level.
Meth HeadOffenseReflex+40% Melee Attack Speed, +40% Melee Attack Efficiency, Your Melee Attacks no longer stick in tough enemies. DISABLES: Aim Down Sights
ShredderOffenseReflexEach bullet hit causes the target to take 1% increased damage for 3 Seconds (Stacks up to 50%).
StimulantsMobilityReflexPain Meds you apply also grant +10% Movement Speed, +10% Reload Speed and +10% Weapon Swap Speed for 30 Seconds.
Energy DrinkMobilityReflex+40% Stamina, -5% Damage Resistance
Guns OutUtilityReflex+50% Weapon Swap Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Marathon RunnerMobilityReflexNo Movement Penalty for Strafe or Backpedal, DISABLES: Sprint
MultitoolUtilityReflex+50% Use Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
Tunnel VisionOffenseReflex+50% Aim Speed, -5% Damage Resistance
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