Back 4 Blood Cards Obtained from Paul’s Alley

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Back 4 Blood All Guns
Card NameCategoryDescription
Ammo BeltOffense+50% Ammo Capacity, -20% Stamina Efficiency.
Ammo For AllOffense+10% Team Ammo Capacity.
Chemical CourageOffensePain meds you apply also grant +25% Damage for 60 Seconds.
Combat TrainingOffense+5% Damage Dealt, +50% Bullet Penetration
Demolitions ExpertOffense+50% Accessory Damage, -20% Ammo Capacity
Double Grenade PouchOffense+2 Offensive Inventory, -10% Damage
Front Sight FocusOffense+20% Accuracy
Glass CannonOffense+50% Weakspot Damage, -30 Health
Grenade pouchOffense+1 Offensive Inventory
Two is One and One is NoneOffenseYou can equip a Primary weapon in your Secondary slot. -25% Swap speed
Hi Vis SightsOffense+30% Aim Speed
Power ReloadOffenseReloading a gun within 0.75 Seconds of reaching low ammo will increase its magazine size by 30% until the next reload.
Mag CouplerOffense+50% Reload Speed, DISABLES: Aim Down Sights
Tactical VestOffense+30% Rifle Ammo Capacity, +10% Damage with Assault Rifles, and LMGs.
Hunker DownDefenseWhen crouching, gain 20% Damage Resistance and 12.5% Accuracy
B4B Card Paul’s Alley

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