Back 4 Blood Amped Up Card Guide

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Back 4 Blood Amped Up Card Guide

Back 4 Blood is carnage, camaraderie and killing all in one neat little package. This new zombie apocalypse shooter will see players battle it out against some of the most brutish and gruesome enemies within the genre, in campaigns that offer constant twists and turns, yet offers gameplay that will make you feel like you are jumping right back into Left 4 Dead. It’s high praise and the new card system is a huge factor as to why we are heaping praise on the title.

This card system allows players to enjoy a roguelike style format which grants players cards for playing the game’s campaigns. This means players can use perks offered by the cards and thus, make campaigns more manageable. However, you may not know what cards you can get within B4B. Well, allow us to help with that. In this guide, we look specifically at the Amped Up Card.

What is the Amped Up Card in Back 4 Blood?

This is an offensive card within the B4B series. This card is ideal for players that like to go into situations all guns blazing, Leroy Jenkins style. This card offers players 50 temporary health points as soon as they come out of the safe room. This allows players to be a little more gung-ho at the beginning of each leg of their campaign, attack the ridden horde with a more aggressive strategy and if you finished the last leg of the campaign strong, this will give you some free hits for the next.

Back 4 Blood Amped Up Defense

This is a card that can be situationally useful as you can use this as a means of surviving the initial stages when you have low health or you can use it as a lead card and enjoy an aggressive tactical advantage as you burst out of each safe room. So if this lends itself to your style of play, you need to get this in your deck.

How Do I Earn Cards in Back For Blood?

The player earns cards in Back for Blood by completing supply lines. This is basically like a battle pass that a player can use to obtain new cards so long as they complete campaigns and earn XP to do so. Players can speed up this progress by using corruption cards that offer extra rewards but also make the action much more difficult throughout the campaign. So if you want to expand your basic card deck, get out there and complete some levels.

What is the Relevance of the Top Card?

Your leading card in the Back 4 Blood card deck is your most important card. Unlike the other cards in this deck, this card will be active for your entire campaign. So make sure that you choose a particularly powerful card that is conducive to your overall playstyle.

So that is our quick guide explaining the Amped Up card in Back 4 Blood. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative for you? Which card on the roster has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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