Back 4 Blood Ammo Scavenger Card Guide

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Back 4 Blood Ammo Scavenger Card Guide

Back 4 Blood is a zombie co-op experience that aims to galvanise couch co-op, add a new sheen of polish to the old model made popular by Valve’s Left 4 Dead format and also provide a new world and narrative that is enough to draw in new fans to the genre. However, adding new gameplay mechanics is always going to be the key to gamer’s hearts and thankfully, the developers are aware of this, adding a new card system that aims to make this game infinitely playable.

This system will allow players to claim new perks and penalties that they can equip for help when tackling campaigns or to get additional rewards, respectively. However, you may be wondering what kind of cards are on offer within this new co-op experience. Well, our guides are hand crafted to answer just that. In this guide we look specifically at the card, Ammo Scavenger.

What is the Ammo Scavenger Card in Back 4 Blood?

Ammo Scavenger is an utility card within the B4B series. This card is very similar to the likes of ammo belt in that it allows players to find more ammo for as long as the card is active. This card has the ability to allow players to sense when ammo is nearby and offers more ammo during campaigns in general. This card is good as this will mean that teammates will reap the benefits of this is there will be more ammo for all players during the campaign.

Back 4 Blood Ammo Scavenger Utility

This card can be used situationally when you are in desperate need of ammo but can’t find any. Or alternatively, you can use this as a lead card and become the team’s ammo scout. Not to mention enjoy a plethora of ammo to work with throughout your campaign. If this sounds like the card for you, add it to your deck.

How Do I Earn Cards in Back For Blood?

The player earns cards in Back for Blood by completing supply lines. This is basically like a battle pass that a player can use to obtain new cards so long as they complete campaigns and earn XP to do so. Players can speed up this progress by using corruption cards that offer extra rewards but also make the action much more difficult throughout the campaign. So if you want to expand your basic card deck, get out there and complete some levels.

What is the Relevance of the Top Card?

Your leading card in the Back 4 Blood card deck is your most important card. Unlike the other cards in this deck, this card will be active for your entire campaign. So make sure that you choose a particularly powerful card that is conducive to your overall playstyle.

So that is our quick guide explaining the Ammo Scavenger card in Back 4 Blood. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative for you? Which card on the roster has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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