Back 4 Blood Ammo Pouch Card Guide

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Back 4 Ammo Pouch Card Guide

When we think back to the runaway success of Left 4 Dead, we remember how captivating and groundbreaking the co-op friendly mechanics were. So when the same developers took on the challenge of creating Back 4 Blood, they knew that it would be equally challenging to break the mould this time. However, thanks to an incredible card system, this game is tapping into the very popular Roguelike genre and offering something new and fresh to this co-op format.

This card system allows players to collect and use cards which offer perks to take with them on their campaigns, offering them extra means of survival. However, you may not be aware of the cards on the roster pending this games release in October. So we have created a series of guides to fill you in. Here is our guide for the card, Ammo Pouch.

What is the Ammo Pouch Card in Back 4 Blood?

This one is a pretty straightforward one and a card that will appeal to the combat characters of the group. This card gives the user an extra 25% ammo capacity. It means that if you are using a rifle, shotgun, pistol or light machine gun, you’ll have access to more ammo and therefore, be able to deal more damage as a result. This won’t really appeal to melee characters so best for them to steer clear of this one.

B4B Ammo Pouch Offense

This card isn’t one that works situationally as keep a full stock of ammo is a constant battle and if you use this in a clutch situation, you still need to find the ammo to fill that extra 25%. So best to have this card equipped as a lead card. Meaning that you can constantly replenish your ammo with more than you naturally would be able to carry. Don’t underestimate this one, it could save you when the huge ridden monsters come out to play.

Back 4 Blood Ammo Pouch is an offense tier card. Other Back 4 Blood cards of tier offense are: Reload Drills, Combat Training, Ridden Slayer and Power Swap.

How Do I Earn Cards in Back For Blood?

The player earns cards in Back for Blood by completing supply lines. This is basically like a battle pass that a player can use to obtain new cards so long as they complete campaigns and earn XP to do so. Players can speed up this progress by using corruption cards that offer extra rewards but also make the action much more difficult throughout the campaign. So if you want to expand your basic card deck, get out there and complete some levels.

What is the Relevance of the Top Card?

Your leading card in the Back 4 Blood card deck is your most important card. Unlike the other cards in this deck, this card will be active for your entire campaign. So make sure that you choose a particularly powerful card that is conducive to your overall playstyle.

So that is our quick guide explaining the Ammo Pouch card in Back 4 Blood. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative for you? Which card on the roster has caught your eye? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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